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double glazed wooden sash windows in London

How to stop condensation on windows?​

Internal condensation, inside your house; on your glass, window frames or walls is a common problem especially in the colder months of the year. To stop condensation and to compare it to something easier to understand, just think of showering with no open windows or ventilation and you will notice a build-up of moisture on your walls.

Putty glazed wooden sash window

Differences between a Sash and a Casement?

The differences between a sash and a casement? There is actually many. Sash windows and Casement windows each have their own advantages. It is basically up to you what you choose. It really depends on your style of property that the windows are intended for?

Older and more historic buildings would normally opt for Wooden Sash Windows or even better would be a Heritage Sash Window; and more modern buildings would probably…

Authentic Timber Windows custom glass in a beautiful bespoke wooden window.

Hoping for a much better 2022 and beyond!

Let’s hope for a much better 2022 and onwards!

Let’s face it, with all that was going on the last few years; most of us struggled to know what day of the week it was. Thank fully we have been able to maintain our Service Level Agreements and continue to deliver a world class product to our customers and we were largely unaffected. Of course as for most, many obstacles were thrown at us but we managed to adapt and continue forwards.

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