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Fire Escape Window

Sashment windows are the perfect fire escape windows or emergency exit windows where timber sash windows are still required. These are sash windows in a casement frame, allowing a much larger exit than is otherwise possible from a normal sash window. These are perfect for bedroom windows to comply with fire escape regulations UK. Only from us at Authentic Timber Windows Ltd.

SASHMENT WINDOWS - the perfect fire escape windows

Other options similar to this Window System

  • Sashment windows are the best fire escape windows option available where small sash windows are needed. The entire sash window can open inwards like a normal casement window or door, allowing a much larger escape route than is normally possible with sash windows. It is perfect for bedroom windows and fire escape regulations UK.
  • to maintain a traditional appearance from the outside, this window has the same dimensions and appearance of a traditional box sash and is fitted the same way into a buildings reveal. However, inside the box style frame is a spring sash window, hung like a casement on special hinges to allow it to open like a casement inwards in an emergency. For day to day use it can be opened like a normal sash window, sliding up and down.
  • another advantage of this type of window is the ease of maintenance – since it can open in, the glass panes outside can be easily cleaned. 
  • note: the opening in feature is only designed for occasional or emergency use
  • unevenly split variants are available.
  • u-value = 1.3 W/m2K (Measured on Redwood items)

Fire Escape Sash Windows Gallery

Why Sashment Windows Make the Perfect Fire Escape Windows

Having a reliable and safe fire escape window is essential for any building. Sashment windows provide the perfect solution for this purpose, as they combine the best of both worlds; the traditional look of a timber sash window with the practicality of a casement frame. 


This provides a much larger exit than is possible from a standard sash window, making them an ideal choice for buildings that require a fire escape window. Here, we will explore why Sashment windows make the perfect fire escape windows.

They're big enough to get out of
Sashment windows are the perfect fire escape windows or emergency exit windows where small timber sash windows are required. Fire safety is a major concern for any building, and to meet UK fire escape window regulations, the windows must be big enough for a person to easily exit in an emergency.

Sashment windows provide the ideal solution for this, as they can provide an opening significantly larger than traditional sash windows, making them much easier to exit through during an emergency. These windows provide a safe and effective way to meet UK fire escape window regulations and provide an easy means of escape in the event of a fire. 

Safety windows are an essential part of any building’s safety plan and Sashment windows are the perfect choice to provide an effective fire exit solution. Perfect as bedroom windows!

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