Timber Windows

Our range of timber windows have been constantly improved year on year; and refined to incorporate all possible security and durability technologies available to us today.

Designed with traditional styles or should you prefer a more modern style.

No expense is spared to give you the best timber windows possible today.

Sliding Sash Windows

We only use the best quality metal accessories for looks and durability, we don’t use plastic parts, where avoidable, as many suppliers do. It’s hard to appreciate what we offer you until you see our product side by side, next to all the others, then it is clear you have made the right choice as we don’t spare any expense on any detail.

Timber Casement Windows

Although casement windows were very common in the UK before the introduction of sash windows, they are still an excellent choice as they offer full top to bottom ventilation, but also can open outward to the right or left which allows fresh air inside. Because of their functionality and design and because they can open/close easily, casement windows are an excellent choice for places where your windows require a reach.

Heritage Box Sliding Sash

For historic and period buildings, to preserve their unique character with particular attention to detail is of utmost importance.
Our Heritage Sliding Sash windows are designed to suit listed buildings whilst providing energy efficient benefits…