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Go green with our environmentally friendly timber windows and wooden doors.

Questions & Answers

Here you will find many answers to the most common questions we get asked. We hope these are useful. If there is anything missing please just Contact us.

Any queries regarding wooden windows or wooden doors; you will find many answers in those product pages, so please take your time and look through our site carefully. Bespoke Timber Windows and Doors are an investment into your property and we want to make sure it becomes a successful one, so please take your time.

Q.  Do you have installers who can measure, order and install my windows?

A.  We have a vast contact database of installers, some of whom are probably locals to where you live. Click here and we can connect you to our recommended local team near by you. All of our installers are registered professionals with great local reputations.

Q.  I have had issues with double glazing companies before, how do I know I can trust you?

A.  Our existence relies on doing a good job and satisfying our customers, which we strive to do. We have been doing this successfully since 2006 with no negative legal history and no negative reviews anywhere on the internet. Please do your own research on the internet and check with our local installers for other installations near by you and see for yourself.

Q.  How long does it take to make my new wooden windows and doors once I place an order with you?

A. This can vary on many things at different points in time. To ensure you get your order in a timely manner that suits you we always confirm how many weeks we need to make your order before the order is confirmed. The usual time frame is between 6 and 10 weeks.

Many people often underestimate what’s involved in making bespoke wooden windows and doors. Just the painting process takes 1 to 2 weeks, just for that alone.

Q.  Do you offer a supply and install service?

A. We specialise in manufacturing but also have a vast network of highly reviewed and Fensa registered Window Fitters in many locations around England and Wales. They are all very experienced in advising customers about the best products for their home and measuring and installing our products for you. Just let us know what you want and where you are and we will connect you to highly experienced wooden window and door installers.

Note: It is always best for you to get one company that can do it all for you, from start to finish. This way one company can never blame another one for any mistakes they might make.

Ideally the window fitters or window installers should also measure, order and install your wooden windows and doors.

Q.  Where can I get some touch up paint from; which matches your paint?

A. Contact:

Renner Coatings UK LTD
4 Cronin Courtyard,
Weldon South Industrial Estate,
Corby, NN18 8AG,
Ph:  01536 402788

Satin white colour code: YO-30M360/–SBN. You can dilute the paint with max 5% tap water, if needed.

Q.  How long is your guarantee?

A. We guarantee the integrity of our products for 10 years. Please see our Terms & Conditions in our main menu under “Company” for more details as there are some exceptions to the 10 years, mainly for parts made by 3rd parties which are part of our product but not made by us.

As with most high end quality products, with just a little TLC, our product will last a life time or longer assuming the little bit of maintenance is actually done. Most issues we see are usually caused by neglect.

Q.  What payment methods do you accept?

A. The cheapest and easiest way to pay is via BACS, which is a direct internet bank transfer to our account.

How ever, if you go to this link we can also accept Visa or MasterCard.

Q.  How variable are your products, I mean, how much can you really customise?

A.  There isn’t much we can not do or have not done before. Please have a look through our gallery and this will you an idea of how versatile we are.

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