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Flush Casement Windows

Our flush casement windows come with the highest security system available which is unique, rustproof and has multi point locking. We have the flush casement window which is perfect for Coastal regions as well. Our flush windows can be traditional or modern windows with all the mod cons possible, for the most fastidious of customers.

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Flush Casement Windows - Traditional or modern?

Additional features of this Window System:

  • a flush window system, where the opener is flush with the frame on the outside
  • our flush casement windows allow for all desirable modifications, glass designs and bespoke options
  • high security multi-point window locks with night ventilation locking for safety and fresh air at night  (except on floating mullions)
  • our high security locks are also rust proof
  • extra slim top and sides, with a deep bottom rail
  • available with either Friction Stay Hinges (Optionally, we can give you Egress opening to 80 to 90 degrees for fire regulations or just a better view)
  • for child safety we can offer Restricted opening hinges
  • butt hinges are also available (with either visible arm stays or concealed arm friction stays) for a more traditional look
  • externally glazed as standard but we can do internal glazing, if preferred.
  • u-value = 1.4 W/m2K (Measured on Redwood items)
  • 92mm frame, OPENS OUT
As with every product we design and manufacture for you, it is hard to appreciate the subtle, but critical differences, which differentiates and places our products ahead of our competitors. Only when you compare them side by side when purchased; and 10 years later, will you see what you are paying for.

Wooden Flush Casement Window - Gallery

The Benefits of real Wooden Flush Casement Windows

Flush casement windows are a great addition to any home and for good reason. Not only are these windows aesthetically pleasing, but they offer superior security benefits compared to windows from many companies that focus on saving money, rather than quality. With unique, rustproof & multi-point locking systems, our flush casement windows provide an unrivalled level of protection.

They are also ideal for homes in coastal regions, as their design protects against rust with their superior coatings. Whether you’re looking for a traditional or modern window, our flush casement windows offer all the options you might want, pleasing the most fastidious homeowners.

What about PVC windows made to look like wood?
When it comes to the beauty of flush casement windows, or any window or door, no substitute beats real wood. Nothing looks better than real wood if you’re trying to get that warm, classic, craftsman-like exterior and interior. Fake and imitation materials simply do not add any class or value to any home or property.
Many companies have tried to imitate wooden flush casement windows, but nothing is, or ever will be, the same as the real thing. Wooden windows will always be better than PVC. Pure and simple, for all these reasons.
Although PVC windows may be able to partially imitate the wood appearance from a distance, the plastic element is still very obvious to the discerning eye; and even to a half-blind person when these windows are opened or seen close up.
Imitations are very obvious and can never provide the same design flexibilities, they are not bespoke and can not provide the warmth that a real wooden flush casement window gives. Additionally, many customers simply prefer the look and feel of real wood over plastic imitations.
PVC windows only partially imitate the wood appearance, but the plastic elements are very obvious when using the windows. When you want the best possible flush casement window, wood is the only choice that makes sense.
Some history of the Wooden Flush Casement windows
The wooden flush casement window has been around for centuries. They were traditionally used in castles, manors and other grand homes for their strength and security. They also offer an elegant appearance that is still sought after today.
Wooden flush windows are preferred over PVC or Aluminium options because they provide superior insulation, soundproofing, the longevity of life, prestige and thermal efficiency. In addition, wood is a natural insulator and can last longer and still look better with age, than other materials. The natural grain of the wood provides visual interest to any room it is installed in, adding warmth and charm.
Highest security Multi-point locking systems
For those seeking the highest security for their windows, flush casement windows provide a unique multi-point locking system that ensures the safety of your property. The locks are made with rustproof materials so they are suitable for coastal regions, making them a great choice if you live by the sea.
Our Flush windows offer an efficient, secure and aesthetically pleasing way to add extra security to your home. With their robust locking system, they can provide an extra layer of protection from intruders. Furthermore, the locks are designed to last for a long time and be resistant to corrosion and wear and tear. All this makes flush windows an ideal solution for keeping your home secure. 
Rustproof Locks so they are suitable for Coastal regions
Our Flush windows are perfect for coastal regions due to our rustproof locking system. This locking system ensures that the windows are built to last and stay secure even after long-term exposure to saltwater and ocean air.
This makes them perfect for homes located near the sea, as well as those with high levels of humidity. The multi-point locking system further increases the security of the windows, making them a great option for any home. With all these features, flush casement windows are the perfect choice for anywhere but also for coastal regions.
Can be traditional or modern windows
Wooden flush casement windows provide a traditional look, yet they are also available in modern designs. They are customisable with endless options to choose from, making them perfect for any style of home.
Our unique flush windows offer many advantages that make them an attractive choice for both traditional windows and modern homes. They add character to a home while providing energy efficiency and superior security systems. With all the options available, it’s no wonder why wooden flush casement windows remain a popular choice for homeowners everywhere.
For high security, durability, class and warmth – wooden windows are the only answer.

As always, we are here to help and advise our customers to make sure every project is a success – so please do Contact us for help.

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