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Durable Wood Protection

Durable wood protection is perhaps the most important factor to ensure minimal maintenance and maximum durability of our world class products. As with our wood, our Durable Wood Protection must endure the miserable UK weather for decades to come. So only the finest will do. Offering virtually any colour of paint or stain you desire, all of which offer minimal maintenance.

Please Note: Husbands must have a note from their Wives before choosing colours 🙂

Durable Wood Protection Options


After trying and testing a large amount of brands of Water Based, Micro Porous paints available throughout UK and Europe we have decided upon the award winning Renner Range, purely because of its overall durability and aesthetics.

Most importantly, during the finishing process, is the end grain sealing of all ends of timber elements, as these are the most vulnerable parts to excessive moisture absorption, even after painting, so it’s critical these end grains are sealed to protect and significantly enhance the integrity of the timber, for a maximum life span.

Our wooden doors and windows are fully factory sprayed in your choice of Satin White, any RAL colour or any stain colour from our stain chart.

To fully replicate Heritage windows and doors, we can also do a paint brush finish, if you wish.

Automated spray painting process for timber windows, showcasing the precision and even coating achievable with advanced technology
Optional brush painted finish of white color. a white brush placed on top of white paint buckets

Some of the most popular RAL colours chosen in the UK are Anthracite Grey, Beige, Oyster White, Cream and Various Greens.

We can offer you any RAL colour you wish. Or you can have a different colour inside and outside. To see a large range of colours please have a look at the RAL Colour Chart.

We highly recommend that you contact us and request a physical copy of our Stain Chart, and we will send it to you free of charge, usually reaching you in a few days.

Disclaimer: All colour samples you see on your screen are very likely to vary in reality as computer images vary from screen to screen.
So it's best to either see our physical stain chart or a physical RAL colour chart, available from most paint shops.

The atw "smooth" finish. Alternatively we do offer a "standard" wood finish which shows off more of the wood grain effect from the wood.
The ATW "Smooth" finish. Alternatively we do offer a "Standard" wood finish which shows off more of the wood grain effect from the wood.
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