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Stable Doors

Our Stable Doors, also known as Barn Doors or Dutch Doors: these wooden doors can open either as a normal whole door; or you can open just the top half independently. This is effectively using the door as a window as well. Pretty cool doors hey? This feature is very useful in the olden days for horses, but today we find many useful functions, usually at the back of our homes.

Stable doors, Dutch doors or Barn Doors (tomartoes, tomatoes! 🙂

  • Winkhaus lever lever for stable doors
  • 3D adjustable butt hinges (Click here to see adjustment instructions).
  • locking system is a highly rated Winkhaus hook bolt SBD system with a 3 star high security cylinder
  • 102mm Slide Bolt to connect or separate the top and bottom
  • either a timber cill with aluminium drainage channels or a low aluminium threshold cill, which is suitable for disabled access.
  • externally glazed with 17mm wide putty shape glazing bead (if required, internal glazing also available)
  • fully weather sealed
  • all timber panels are insulated with special materials sandwiched in the centre for maximum energy saving
  • u-value = 1.5 W/m2K (Measured on Redwood items)
  • laminated Safety glass for the same price as Toughened glass, for better sound insulation (as available)
  • no warping – Engineered solid centres only, not visible faces, to ensure no warping and no joining marks are visible to maintain the beauty of the timbers grain
  • 56mm leaf thickness
  • CE Marked EN 14531-1 2006+A1:2010
  • any glass type or style
  • excellent high security options available
  • wide variety of accessories in your choice of colour
  • arched or swept heads, arched frames or bars.
  • astragal Georgian bars at 22mm (made to look like separate glass units)
  • trickle Vents in any colour to suit regulations/ventilation needs
  • custom architraves
  • can either be called Dutch doors, stable doors or barn doors.
Stable Door Gallery - for ideas and inspiration

Could a Stable Door Be Right for Your Home?

Stable doors, also known as Barn Doors or Dutch Doors, are becoming increasingly popular as a versatile door type for homeowners. These wooden doors can open either as a normal whole door, or you can open just the top half independently, allowing you to use the door as a window as well. In this article, we will explore the different ways you can use a Stable Door and why?

The History of the Stable Door: Where did this unique door type come from?
Stable doors, also known as Dutch Doors, Barn Doors or Garden Doors, have a unique look and can serve a variety of purposes. This traditional door design has been around for centuries, originally used to provide farmers and ranchers with the convenience of keeping animals inside their stables while allowing air and light to come in. The wooden doors had an upper and lower section which could be opened separately, allowing the farmers to check on the animals without letting them escape.
The use of stable doors is still widespread today, often used in more rural areas as back doors or garden doors. However, this door style has also become popular among modern homeowners due to its versatility and charm. Stable doors are typically made from timber, however you can find other materials like aluminium or PVC being used too.
No matter what the material, stable doors are popular for their unique looks, functionality and practicality. More info can be found here.
The Many Uses of the Stable Door: How can a stable door be used in modern times?
Timber doors have long been a popular choice for back doors, as they are able to handle the elements and provide extra security. The stable door is no exception and is a great choice for the outdoors, as it allows for ventilation without sacrificing the privacy of your home. The top half can be opened to let in fresh air and light, while the bottom remains shut and secure. Similarly, this type of door is perfect for porches and other enclosed spaces where security is desired, as it allows you to enjoy the breeze while still keeping unwanted visitors, such as your pets, out!
Stable doors are also ideal for other rooms inside the home. For example, they make great additions to kids’ rooms, bathrooms or playrooms, as they allow parents to monitor their children while still providing them with a sense of independence. This type of door also works well in living areas or hallways, adding an element of character and charm to any interior space.
Overall, Stable Doors offer a great combination of functionality and style, making them an excellent option for many homes. Whether you’re looking for a back door that provides ventilation or simply want to add character to a room, this type of door can offer the perfect solution.
Conclusion: Is a stable door right for your home?

A stable door can be a great addition to any home. With its unique two-door design, it can be used as both a regular door and as a window, giving you more options for natural light and airflow. The classic style of the timber doors, Barn doors, and garden doors also add to its charm and aesthetic appeal. All in all, if you’re looking for an interesting and versatile door that stands out from the rest, then a stable door could be the perfect choice for your home.

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