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Our Front Doors or Entrance Doors offer the utmost in security; with German locks, 3 star high security cylinders (detailed below) and a superior and unique glazing system, no front door gets any safer. No one has ever broken through one of our softwood or hardwood doors, so you know your family will be safe behind our front door!

Our front doors are Solid, Safe & Secure

Security and peace of mind for your family:

Our front door cylinders have been developed specifically to meet the TS007 3-Star standard for lock cylinders and has undergone rigorous testing prior to its full approval to the new standard. To provide a counter measure to, amongst others, the increasing threat of snapping locks, the cylinder itself features several layers of protection. In particular, the cylinder features a sacrificial break slot, which ensures that in the event of the cylinder being snapped, the secure core of the lock is retained within the door preventing forced override of the cylinder.
What is the TS007 Kitemark?
To effectively protect your door, the Door & Hardware Federation in the UK (DHF) advises that the lock cylinder and door handles on external entrance doors should meet the highest standard, and
protect against all the latest forms of attack. The DHF advises home and business owners that their lock cylinders should be upgraded to the TS007 Kitemark standard.
Secured by Design (the Association of Chief Police Officer’s crime prevention initiative) has worked with the DHF and the Glass & Glazing Federation (GGF) to develop the TS007 standard.
*Source: www.dhfonline.org.uk

       Anti drill                          Anti pick                     Anti bump                       Anti snap                    Anti extraction

Further Security on our doors

We offer 3 different options in High Security German made locking systems:

 1. Winkhaus Auto Lock High Security – Secured by Design.

 2. Winkhaus Lever Lever High Security – Secured by Design.

 3. Winkhaus Lever Pad Split Spindle High Security – Secured by Design.

 – all of our above front door systems come with our 3 star high security cylindersNO UNAPPROVED KEY COPYING!

 – in addition to the above state of the art front door systems from Coastal Group,  make sure to ask for; Coastal’s BLU range of hardware, designed to enhance the aesthetics and performance of external doors and is guaranteed to last the lifetime of the door.

 – or should you prefer an older style Locking system with 2 keys we can do the Yale night latch locking system for you. (Not as good and not as secure as our Winkhaus system which we highly recommend)

Other Technical advantages and options we recommend:

Cill options

For our front doors and entrance doors we have two options of cill types:  choose from either a timber cill with an aluminium top for drainage channels or a low aluminium threshold suitable for disabled access.  We always highly recommend the low aluminium threshold cill as it is a much lower step so you are less likely to trip over it and it is also more durable and wear resistant. Obviously this is also useful for disabled access. Here you can see both options, drawing 1 is with timber and drawing 2 is what we recommend, without timber. Dimensions are available in our technical drawings.

3D adjustable butt hinges

Here you can see a brochure of the special adjustable hinges we use – 3D adjustable butt hinges.  

And here you can down load an instructional guide for seasonal adjustment, should it be needed.

Technical info for the nerds

Thermal efficiency is a max of 1.6 Wm2k (or u-Value) using hardwood Oak or Sapele.

Aesthetics and more options for front doors:

  • wide variety of accessories in your choice of colour, handles, letter plates and numbers etc.
  • arched or swept heads, arched frames or bars.
  • astragal georgian bars at 22mm (made to look like separate glass units)
  • trickle vents in any size to suit building regulations Part F, acoustic vents also available.
  • custom architraves.
  • house numbers, stained glass or cat flaps are all available on request.

Look at your front door. Does it truly represent who you are?

Your entrance door is more than a security feature, it’s a statement about you and your home. Traditional wooden front doors have the perfect blend of style, function and durability – unlike other materials, wooden doors keep their aesthetic charm for years, proving to be an incredibly durable choice for both period homes and new builds.
With a vast range of designs and options, our range of front doors will make your house a home, transforming your entrance into a feature you’ll be proud to show off to your family and friends.
Get a classic look to last through the ages – browse our range of front doors today and make a statement with the perfect entrance.
Your first impression starts with the entrance door.
Home entrance doors have become a statement piece, reflecting the personality of the owner. It can help show who you are and offer added security at the same time. For centuries, wooden doors have provided an optimal level of strength, soundproofing and longevity that few other materials can provide.
If you’re looking for something that offers both an added sense of security and style, then look no further than a wooden door. Their natural warmth and attractiveness offer not just beauty, but also added protection against external elements like weather.
Step up the security and style of your home by purchasing a quality wooden front door today.
Let Your Front Door Make an Entrance!
As the entrance to your home, the front door is often a statement feature that reflects you and your style. With so many options to choose from, such as wooden, PVC and aluminium doors, it’s important to make sure your entrance is not only a secure one, but also a memorable one.
Imagine an entrance that impresses guests, sets the mood for those who enter, and which you can be proud of for many years to come. A wooden front door is more durable, cost effective and aesthetically pleasing than aluminium and PVC alternatives, allowing for maximum curb appeal with minimal upkeep.
Discover the perfect wooden door for you and your home today!

As always, we are here to help and advise our customers to make sure every project is a success – so please do Contact us for help.

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