Timber Doors

Our vast range of timber doors, which are all custom made just for you, will complement and add huge value to every property they are designed for.

With our focus on matching any type of door with the latest in security features and minimal maintenance needed, we have no doubt you will be impressed with what we make for you.


Entrance Doors

Whether you want traditional or modern in style, we have done it all, our bespoke timber entrance doors offer a superior level of security, functionality, beauty & durability to suit any property…


Double Doors (French)

Beautifully designed timber French doors are the most elegant solution for any garden or balcony doorway. Our French doors provide superior durability and performance, available in various designs to suit you.


Bi-Fold Doors

Our Bi-Fold Doors really are the ultimate of all Doors, creating that extra space and improving your view in almost any house, we believe it’s one of the best investments you can make in your home…


Single Doors

We also offer single doors of a simpler design, suitable for enhancing the rear and side of any property. As with other designs, we can achieve any customisation with a wide range of glazing, stain, paint and ironmongery options…

Stable Doors

Our barn-style timber stable door designs are ideal for complementing farm houses and cottages. Their practicality makes them a good solution for a back or kitchen door…


Garage Doors

Our garage doors are made following the same quality processes as all our other doors and are suitable for all high end properties, especially where an insulated garage door is important to you, giving you maximum insulation or energy savings.


Lift & Slide Doors

Sliding doors are most often used for balconies and can be made to your required dimensions and opening configuration. As they allow for larger glass panes, they take the experience of connecting interiors with exteriors to a superior level. Another obvious advantage of a sliding door is that it saves a little space as you do not need to open the door into or outside any room; so if you are a little short on space, this might be the choice for you.