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Bifold Doors

Our wooden Bifold doors are one of the best investments to add the maximum value to your property. Bifolding doors open your space for better views, natural light and integration with nature.

An alternative to the BiFold door is one of our patio sliding doors, both make great investments and a huge positive boost of energy to your home. Both available as softwood or hardwood doors.

If you want an economical solution, perhaps our French doors with added windows to the side will be a good idea for you.

Every healthy home needs a BiFold Door!

  • our bifold doors stack outside, to save as much internal space as possible.
  • top hung or bottom rolling systems available, though we recommend top hung if you have sufficient support, as top hung systems tend to operate much easier when the weight is supported above
  • any opening out configuration possible as listed here.
  • 3 star high security cylinders always used on the master traffic door, if applicable
  • our hinges are adjustable
  • optional magnets, to stop banging in the wind when open
  • fully weather tested for severe conditions.
  • externally glazed with 17mm wide putty shape glazing bead (if required, internal glazing also available)
  • u-value = variable W/m2K
  • laminated safety glass for the same price as toughened glass, for better sound insulation (when available)
  • no warping – highly engineered centres, to ensure no warping and no joining marks are visible to maintain the beauty of the timbers grain
  • 56mm leaf thickness
  • CE Marked EN 14531-1 2006+A1:2010
  • any glass type or style
  • excellent high security options available
  • arched or swept heads, arched frames or bars
  • astragal Georgian bars at 22mm (made to look like separate glass units)
  • custom architraves

BiFold Doors Gallery - for ideas and inspiration

Bifolding doors make your home feel larger and lighter

One of the greatest benefits of wooden bifold doors is that they can make your home feel larger and lighter. Bifolding doors are designed to provide an expansive opening, allowing lots of extra sunlight to enter your home. Not only does this create a more pleasant atmosphere, but it also allows you to open up your lounge or living room to the views and the garden outside. With a wide opening, you can instantly make your home feel bigger and brighter.
Plus, wooden bifold doors can offer high security due to the double glazing and the locks built into them. This means that you can enjoy all the benefits of a larger, lighter home without sacrificing safety or security. So, if you’re looking for a way to make your home feel larger and brighter without compromising on security, then wooden bifolding doors could be the perfect solution.
Live better and feel better with more sunlight
A wooden bifold door is a great way to let more light into your home and create a feeling of space. With the ability to open your lounge to the views and the garden, you can benefit from lots of extra sunlight, which means a happier house and happier people.
Whether it’s brightening up your living room or making your patio look bigger and brighter, wooden bifolding doors are the perfect solution.
Not only do wooden bifold doors bring in plenty of natural light, but they also provide a high level of security. Thanks to their double glazed design, you can enjoy the added safety of an extra layer of glass. So you don’t have to compromise on security when you’re making the most of your extra sunlight.
Wooden bifold doors are an excellent way to make your home feel larger and lighter while also providing an extra level of security. With their unique double glazed design and ability to open your lounge to the views and the garden, you can live better and feel better with lots of extra sunlight!
Increased home value

One of the most important benefits of installing wooden bifold doors is the significant increase in home value. Bifolding doors offer a great way to open up your living space, creating an instant connection to the outdoors. 

Because of all the above benefits these doors bring, installing these doors will surely instantly increase the overall value of your home, making it a much more desirable property.

As always, we are here to help and advise our customers to make sure every project is a success – so please do Contact us for help.

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