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Mock Sash Windows

Our mock sash windows, also known as fake sash windows; are actually casement windows designed to replicate the traditional appearance of sash windows, as they also include an external horn. The main advantage is cost effectiveness.

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Mock Sash Windows or Fake Sash Windows or Imitation Sash Windows

Additional information on this Window System:

  • this window is basically a storm proof casement window designed with decorative horns to look like a Sash Window, as it is more cost effective.
  • 66mm frame, double gasket, opens out
  • the bottom half is fixed with glass to the frame and the top is like a top hung opener, opening outwards
  • the top opener overlaps the frame on the outside and is sealed with another gasket giving you a double gasket system; meaning more insulation, more windproof and more secure
  • available only with Friction Stay Hinges (Optional for Safety we can offer Restricted opening hinges)
  • high security multi-point window locks with Night ventilation locking for safety
  • lambs Tongue is our standard Horn Design (more designs available as you can see below in technical drawings)
  • externally glazed as standard but we can do internal glazing if preferred for this system
  •  u-value = 1.4 W/m2K (Measured on Redwood items)
  • if you would prefer the real thing, please click here to see the Traditional Sash Windows we can offer.

Fake look Sash Windows or Imitation Sash Windows Gallery

Mock Sash Windows - A Cheap and Convincing Alternative to the Real Thing

Mock sash windows, also known as fake sash windows, are a great and economical alternative to real sash windows. Although they don’t have the same exact look as traditional sash windows, from a distance they offer a convincing imitation of the classic window style. Mock sash windows are actually stormproof windows that have been adapted to look like sash windows. Here we will discuss why mock sash windows are an affordable and convincing alternative to buying real sash windows.

What are mock sash windows?
They are actually stormproof casement windows that have been designed to mimic the look of a sash window.
Mock sash windows are an economical alternative to buying traditional sash windows. Also known as imitation sash windows, these look-alike windows have a similar appearance to sash windows from a distance.
The mock sash windows are made using robust, yet lightweight materials such as UPVC, wood or aluminium and feature a top hung opener which tilts outwards; and a bottom section which is fixed with the glass fitted into the frame, and does not open.
As the bottom section is fixed, they could be interpreted as being even safer than sash windows that have openers functioning.


Why go for imitation sash windows?
Are you looking for an economical way to upgrade your home with sash windows but don’t want to spend a fortune? Or perhaps you need real sash windows in every hole in your wall; but still want them to look the part?
Mock sash windows, also known as imitation sash windows or cheap sash windows, are the perfect solution. These fake sash windows provide the same attractive look of a traditional sash window from a distance but are actually stormproof windows, designed to look like sash windows.
Not only do they provide a convincing alternative to the real thing, but they also offer many other benefits. Let’s explore these in more detail.


The benefits of these "casement" windows
Fake sash windows, or look alike sash windows, offer homeowners an economical alternative to real sash windows. Not only do they look similar from a distance, but they are also more cost effective and require less maintenance, as there are fewer moving parts.
The most notable benefit of mock sash windows is the cost savings. Since mock sash windows are much simpler by design and require fewer materials and moving parts, they cost much less than real sash windows. This can be especially beneficial for homeowners who are looking to renovate their homes on a budget.
They are also highly resistant to weather damage, such as wind and rain, and can easily withstand extreme temperatures. As such, they do not require frequent repairs.
Mock sash windows also offer homeowners a convincing look alike to real sash windows. From a distance, mock sash windows look quite similar to real sash windows. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes evident that the window is not a real sash window.
Overall, mock sash windows offer homeowners an economical and low-maintenance alternative to real sash windows. Not only do they save money on installation and repairs, but they also provide an attractive and convincing look alike to real sash windows. For those looking for a cost effective way to spruce up their home, mock sash windows are definitely worth considering.

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