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Timber Casement Windows

Our timber casement windows come with factory fitted double glazing and with the highest energy efficiency & security standards. Topped off with our durable wood finish, we deliver our timber windows direct from the factory, saving you money and ensuring you get the best for less. Our windows casement can be altered and made bespoke to suit your home. What ever you want, we can make it happen. We improve the warmth, value and appeal of your home.

7 Types of Casement Windows You May Not Know About. Read more to see which ones suits you?


Learn about the 7 types of casement windows made from wood

Casement windows are a great choice for any home. They offer versatility and efficiency, and the fact that they can be made from wood makes them an even more attractive option. There are seven distinct types of windows casement available, each providing unique benefits. On this page, we’ll explore each of the seven types of casement windows made from wood, so that you can decide which one is right for your home.

The Traditional Flush Timber Casement Windows are one of the most common types of wooden window styles in the UK. They are considered to be one of the safest options due to them being double glazed windows. Ours come with durable wood protection and top of the range, rust proof, multi point locking systems, which have passed stringent testing.

The distinguishing feature of this window is that the openers are flush with the frame on the outside; usually showing off a traditional putty style beading, to maintain the look of putty.

The windows casement features a single opener with two panes of glass, creating an effective barrier that prevents outside noise, weather and energy loss. These double-glazed windows also provide additional security to your home, as they are harder to break into than single-pane windows; and as I said, ours come with superior locking mechanisms. Additionally, they are aesthetically pleasing, making them perfect for both modern and traditional homes.

Traditionally detailed with it’s slim frames, deep bottom rails, factory fully painted, weather-stripped as well as double glazed with butyl and silicone. Our Timber Flush Casements will complement any project no matter the size or value. Additionally, they can also be customised to suit every property style.

These casement windows are designed to provide an extra layer of security for your home. They feature double glazing, a unique double gasket system, and extra dog bolts. All of which protect you from both intruders and bad weather. These windows are certified to comply with Building regulations for new buildings in the UK. So Part Q or Document Q requirements are all met.

When buying timber windows direct from us, you get bespoke wooden windows made for your home. Available in a variety of woods including Redwood, Oak, Sapele, and hardwood which can be crafted with custom designs, sizes, and finishes.

These wooden windows come pre-hung with hinges, and locks, and are fully tested to meet all the latest safety requirements. Additionally, these windows are easy to install and maintain for years to come.

Since most new builds after the 1st October, 2015, have to comply with the Part Q Building regulations, we offer you our Part-Q Certified Timber window.  With advanced security and features that meet the requirements of PAS 24:2012.

Stormproof windows are ideal for areas that experience extreme weather conditions, as they are designed to remain in place even under strong winds and heavy rainfall.


These wooden windows are double glazed and have an overlapping opener on the outside, meaning they provide additional protection against inclement weather. With a double gasket design, storm proof windows are not only stronger than their single-gasket counterparts but also provide superior soundproofing, thermal insulation, and increased security.


Not only do they keep your home safe from the elements, but they can also add value to your property. The downside is they look a little like PVC because of the overlapping openers!

Storm Proof casement windows feature a double gasket weather proofing system. Differing from the flush casement, this storm proof window has overlapping openers on the outside, which makes it more weather proof and more secure.

Mock Sash timber casement windows offer an economical solution to sash windows. This type of window only has the top half open and swing outward, while the bottom part is fixed but with the same sight lines as a sash window. So they look alike from a distance.


As the bottom half is not movable, Mock Sash timber casement windows have an improved level of security compared to other traditional wooden windows, though they are not the best solution for a fire escape!


The fact that the bottom half does not move also means that it provides superior air-tightness and improved energy efficiency, as well as greater levels of comfort and control. With their equal sight lines, these types of windows are an ideal solution to save some money, and they even come with decorative sash horns on the outside to replicate the sash windows!

This is actually a Storm Proof casement window; but it is designed to imitate the appearance of a traditional sash window, for a fraction of the cost. This window is designed to recall the appearance of authentic period buildings, whilst providing standard casement security and functionality.

Hopper casement windows are similar to flush casements but are flush on the inside, not the outside, so kind of like a mirror image once installed. The only other difference is featuring different bottom sections to deal with water drainage.

These windows are designed to open inwards and are an attractive choice for those looking to have a fly screen or pot plants on their windows cills. They are often double glazed windows to further improve their efficiency and security.

Although these windows provide the option to open inwards, the best inward opening window is the Tilt and Turn window, the European window, which is widely used in Europe.

Whilst complementing the appearance of a traditional flush casement window, this Hopper style window actually opens inside. This can be ideal where the traditional flush casement, opening out design, doesn’t meet your needs.

Tilt and turn windows, also known as European timber windows, are a great option if you’re looking for more flexibility with your windows. Unlike traditional casement windows that open outwards, these wooden casement windows open inwards. This allows you to tilt the window open at the top for ventilation and also you can open it like a normal window or door, for a full opening.

This style of window provides better protection from intruders as the windows locking system goes all the way around the openers with locking bolts. They also come as double glazed windows for extra security and insulation.

These windows can be used in any type of home and provide an aesthetically pleasing look while allowing you to enjoy natural airflow. You can also install an insect screen or have pot plants on your window cills, on the outside, if you wish.

Contemporary windows which are very common in Europe.  Unlike most UK windows, this European style opens inwards. The advantages are the ability to have an external insect screen; and it can either fully open inside or slightly tilt inside. Because of the inward opening, it’s easier to clean, it’s also highly secure with multi point locking and ours comes with concealed hinges.

Pivot Windows are a type of timber casement window that is not as common but could be a feature style window for your home. When we deliver timber windows direct to you, you choose what you want from our range of Pivot Casement Windows, available in various sizes, colours and styles to meet your needs.

ATW also offers custom made Pivot Casement windows which are also known as Rotating Windows. These windows are centrally hinged and turn around about 130 degrees so they can also be easily cleaned from the inside. Or they can be fixed the glass foes into the frame and do not open at all. They come in a range of styles and can be customised to your requirements.

With centrally pivoting hinges, this window allows cleaning from the inside and this is, especially useful on higher levels where cleaning can be difficult. Square shaped pivot windows feature a multi-point locking system, whilst circular or elliptical shaped windows can only have single point locking.

Note: Due the shape of these windows, they only come with a single point lock or latch, so they are the least secure windows. If you need it in a high location away from the ground, then only Spiderman can access it, which should be safe enough 🙂

As always, we are here to help and advise our customers to make sure every project is a success – so please do Contact us for help.

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