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Our Wood Sash windows, or sliding windows, include many hard to notice small, subtle but very important details; to ensure we maintain the beauty of these wooden sash windows, but take advantage of all the modern benefits available today. We ensure maximum durability to prevent rotting cills, rattling and many other common issues that haunted so many home owners in previous times. Our Timber Sash windows have come long way and are far superior to most. We do not take shortcuts when manufacturing our sashed windows!

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These wood sash windows systems have proven to be successful for over 100 years. Using the original weights and pulley system, which is suited to older buildings where there is enough room internally to hide the box from the outside, behind the external brickwork. The most reliable and time proven sashed windows available.

Usually for more modern buildings where your brick work is the same width inside and outside. This spring sash window system is perfect for you.

Sliding timber sash windows have lots of benefits. Mainly they do not intrude either inside or outside your walls so they do not get in the way of blinds or plants!

Again for more modern buildings, Tilting Sash windows are usually used at higher levels as the Tilt In feature allows easier cleaning.

The ultimate wood sash window as your Fire Escape Windows which are also Easy Clean windows. The Sashment window is a Spring Sash Window fitted inside a Casement Frame. The perfect emergency exit window.  The whole of the sashed window can open from the inside, as a casement does.

Advice on sashed windows

Our comprehensive selection of wooden sash windows guarantees a solution to meet the individual requirements of any property. We offer various systems depending on the building’s structure, the customer’s preferences, floor level, regulations, fire escape regulations (in bedrooms) and listed Building Regulations or Conservation Areas.

Explore our selection and discover the best sash window for your property. If you are searching for a more economical alternative to the prestigious wooden sash windows, we suggest our Mock Sash Window.

All systems are customisable to suit your needs or style, be it to your taste or to match or copy an existing style. Send us a picture and we will estimate it for you.

The 4 Different Types of Wooden Sash Windows

Wooden sash windows have been used for centuries to bring light, air, and beauty into homes. As a timeless window style, wood sash windows can fit almost any home and interior design. But did you know that there are actually four different types of wooden sash windows? Let’s explore the various types so that you can make an informed decision when choosing the right window fo your home.

Type 1: Traditional Wooden Box Sash Windows

These are the classic wooden sash windows that you often see in older homes and historic buildings. With their traditional design, these Box sash windows typically feature two overlapping sliders with weights to help balance them when opening and closing the window. They are usually made of either pine or softwood and can be painted in any colour you choose. The dimensions of the opening in the wall, from brick to brick, is usually about 8cm bigger on each side, on the inside of the brickwork to allow space for the boxes and weights. On the outside you should be left with only 2cm of the frame being visible.

Type 2: Spring Sash windows

These are a modern twist on traditional wooden sash windows. Unlike the classic design, spring sash windows don’t require weights when opening and closing them because they use strong tensioned springs to assist with this. This makes them more suitable for modern buildings that have equal brick work dimensions inside and outside, as the frames are much slimmer than Box Sashes.

Type 3: Tilting Sash Windows

Tilting sash windows are similar to spring sash windows, except they feature a tilt mechanism which means both frames can be opened inwards slightly for cleaning. They come in a variety of colours and finishes and are generally more useful on high floor levels.

Type 4: Fire Escape Sash windows

Fire escape sash windows are designed to open fully and allow easy access for a quick escape in the event of a fire. They are often installed in bedrooms where you want to have the same appearance as a Box Sash window, but with the benefit of opening the whole frame, much like a door, for fire regulations to use as an easy escape. Fire escape sash windows look almost identical to a Box Sash but they feature an emergency release mechanism which allows them to be fully opened from the inside for easy escape. These are especially useful when you need a wood sash window as a fire escape window but only have a small hole in the wall!

As always, we are here to help and advise our customers to make sure every project is a success – so please do Contact us for help.

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