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Go green with our environmentally friendly timber windows and wooden doors.

Add value to your home with Wooden Doors

Wooden doors, especially front doors, have long been cherished for their timeless elegance and natural charm. When it comes to enhancing the visual appeal and interior beauty of your home, there’s nothing quite like the warmth and sophistication that wooden doors offer. Authentic Timber Windows is a leading brand in the industry, and presents a stunning collection of wooden doors that not only elevate the visual appeal of your home but also provide durability and security. In this article, we will explore the exquisite range of wooden doors offered by Authentic Timber Windows, with a special focus on their exceptional wooden front doors.

The Beauty of Wooden Doors

Wooden doors have an inherent ability to exude a sense of warmth and charm. Their natural grain patterns, rich hues, and textured surfaces create an inviting ambiance that can transform any space. Whether you have a modern or traditional home, wooden doors from Authentic Timber Windows complement a variety of architectural styles. They are the epitome of elegance and add a touch of sophistication to your home’s overall aesthetic.

Authentic Timber Windows' Exquisite Collection

Authentic Timber Windows takes pride in offering a diverse range of wooden doors that cater to different tastes and preferences. From classic designs to contemporary styles, their collection is designed to suit various architectural themes and interior décors. Each door is meticulously crafted using high-quality timber to ensure longevity and durability.

The Allure of Wooden Doors - front doors, bifold doors, French doors & patio doors

The front door is the focal point of your home’s exterior, and a wooden front door from Authentic Timber Windows can make a lasting impression. Their front doors are available in a wide range of styles, including paneled, glazed, and solid designs. The intricate detailing and fine craftsmanship of these doors showcase the brand’s commitment to quality and aesthetics.

Durability and Sustainability

Authentic Timber Windows is dedicated to sustainability, ensuring that their wooden doors are crafted from responsibly sourced timber. This not only contributes to the preservation of forests but also ensures the durability of their products. With proper care and maintenance, their wooden doors will withstand the test of time, providing lasting beauty and functionality.

Customisation Options

To truly personalise your home’s entryway, Authentic Timber Windows offers customisation options for their wooden front doors. You can choose from a range of finishes, stains, and hardware to match your unique style and preferences. The brand’s expert craftsmen will bring your vision to life, creating a front door that perfectly complements your home’s architecture.

Security and Energy Efficiency

While aesthetics is important, security and energy efficiency are crucial factors when choosing a front door. Authentic Timber Windows’ wooden front doors are designed with robust security features, providing peace of mind for you and your family. Additionally, their doors are engineered to offer excellent thermal insulation, reducing energy loss, and enhancing the energy efficiency of your home.

The Professional Installation Process

Authentic Timber Windows not only provides exquisite wooden doors but also offers professional installation services. Their skilled team of experts ensures that your wooden front door is installed with precision and care, guaranteeing a perfect fit and optimal performance.

To wrap it up - invest with ATW

Authentic Timber Windows’ collection of wooden doors, with a special emphasis on their wooden front doors, offers a captivating blend of elegance, durability, and security. These doors have the power to transform the aesthetics of your home, creating a welcoming and visually stunning entryway. By choosing Authentic Timber Windows, you invest in the timeless beauty of wooden doors while supporting sustainability practices. Visit their website at to explore their range of wooden doors and elevate the charm and sophistication of your home.

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Stephen Earle Director
A perfectionist, designer and manufacturer of world class timber windows & doors. Motivated by a desire to establish a company offering superior, high-security, and timeless handcrafted timber windows and doors, Stephen collaborated with like-minded artisans to found Authentic Timber Windows Ltd in 2006. The company's mission was to bridge traditional artisanry with modernity, creating wooden windows and doors that seamlessly blended traditional or modern aesthetics with high-security functionality. As the Founder and Director of Authentic Timber Windows Ltd, Stephen played a pivotal role in shaping the company's vision and strategic direction. His commitment to excellence and a customer-centric approach quickly positioned the company as a leader in the bespoke timber windows & doors market. Under Stephen's guidance, Authentic Timber Windows Ltd gained a reputation for delivering superior & durable windows & doors; whilst paying attention to detail, and providing exceptional customer service.
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