Advice about Wooden Windows To restore or replace wooden windows?
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To restore or replace wooden windows?

Many home owners will, at some stage, have to consider either to restore or replace wooden windows? Read here for expert advice to help your decision making…

To restore or replace wooden windows, there are 2 scenarios to consider:

  1. If my property had timber windows that were neglected but only had minor issues, I would restore them, especially if they were already double glazed. As mentioned in the bottom next section.
  2. If I had a property with severely damaged and rotten timber windows which were single glazed, I would buy new ones for numerous reasons:

To replace wooden windows, you will get far superior:

  1. Energy efficiency due to scientific and technical advantages of modern double glazing and of course reduced energy bills, which are getting very expensive at the moment. Invest and save money.
  2. Laminated glass can be chosen, which is excellent for sound issues and extra safety.
  3. True Heritage Double glazing is available for Sash Windows and it looks like single glazing at only 14mm thick with krypton gas inside.
  4. Standard double glazing at 24mm thick with argon gas is the most economical and is far superior to old single glazed windows.
  5. Better security options are now available.
  6. Much better draught proofing is used by most companies so no more stiffness, rattles, or wind whistles.  Again you get more energy efficiency.
  7. A whole new and improved appearance of your house. With no head aches to worry about for a very long time.

Restoring timber windows or doors

Timber can be restored or repaired in many ways depending on the issue or situation at hand.

If you have old windows with a rotten area that you want to repair, we could recommend using “Repair Care”. Available from places like Amazon or eBay or directly from Be careful which one you buy because if you buy the 2-component filler you will also need a special 2-component application gun as well.  It is like a filler which replaces the rotten area once it has been removed.

  1. First you need to get rid of all the rotten areas and sand down existing healthy surfaces.
  2. Prepare your fillers for the voids that remain after getting rid of any rotten areas or cracks that need filling. Follow the instructions carefully.
  3. After all fillers are roughly moulded to the windows former and proper shape, sand them down to prepare for painting.
  4. Paint with a recomended and high quality paint. Most of them are Water based now which makes cleaning up afterwards a little easier. Again, follow the paint manufacturers instructions.

Flexibility like no other material

That is one of the beautiful things about wooden windows and doors, they can be restored after decades of use and abuse. 

You want to change the colour? No problem

You want to make them safer? No problem

They need a repair? No problem.

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