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Advice about Wooden Windows

Tips and advice relating to all types of Wooden Windows – Sash Windows, Casement Windows, Flush Windows, Modern Windows & European Windows.

double glazed wooden sash windows in London

How to stop condensation on windows?​

Internal condensation, inside your house; on your glass, window frames or walls is a common problem especially in the colder months of the year. To stop condensation and to compare it to something easier to understand, just think of showering with no open windows or ventilation and you will notice a build-up of moisture on your walls.

traditional sash windows near me

Why are Wooden Sash Windows loved so much?

There are so many different types of windows on the market these days. Yet one style has been undeniably popular for centuries; and still remains the first choice for many today, it’s wooden sash windows. Lots of older properties here in the UK will have been built with sliding sash windows and when needing replacement windows, homeowners will unsurprisingly choose to stick with this beautiful traditional style.

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