Advice about Wooden Windows How to stop condensation on windows?​
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How to stop condensation on windows?​

Internal condensation, inside your house; on your glass, window frames or walls is a common problem especially in the colder months of the year. To stop condensation and to compare it to something easier to understand, just think of showering with no open windows or ventilation and you will notice a build-up of moisture on your walls. Condensation in your house is a similar problem. It appears due to the higher amounts of moisture in the air and a lack of adequate ventilation.


This issue is not the fault of new, high-quality windows or doors. Leaving condensation untreated can lead to more serious problems such as mould, water damage and premature aging of your windows and doors as they are exposed to excessive moisture.


If you want to prevent condensation that is damaging to your property or new windows; you can make a few simple changes that can have a big impact. If the condensation occurs on your windows, you should try the following steps:

  1. Improve ventilation in your home. This means that the rooms need to be aired and ventilated regularly. With this simple step you can make big improvements.
  2. Improve house insulation. Your house insulation should be professionally done to modern standards to keep the humidity away; good insulation also helps significantly in reducing the heating and cooling costs.
  3. Keep heating constant as the condensation also happens due to the difference in outside and inside temperature. Raising your indoor temperature can also help.

Here are some further small steps that can make a difference to the humidity levels in your home, and to reduce condensation on your windows or walls:

  1. Dry your clothes outdoors
  2. Install some trickle vents into your windows to aid ventilation
  3. Cook with the lids on the pots
  4. Turn down humidifier
  5. Keep kitchen and bathroom doors closed as those are the rooms with the most humidity
  6. Keep dryer vents clear
  7. Move your plants away from windows as the plants produce humidity. Reduce the number of plants you have.
  8. Buy a dehumidifier

With reducing condensation on the windows, you help improve your living conditions and make your windows more durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Wooden windows should not have condensation if air circulation is adequate.

How to stop condensation inside my glass?

Condensation inside the glass means that the silica gel inside your spacer bars can no longer control the humidity and that the double-glazed unit has broken down.  The only way to fix condensation inside your glass is to replace the glass. If this is not an option; then you can follow the steps above to try and reduce the problem.

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