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Why choose wooden windows or doors?

There is an endless list of advantages of buying wooden windows and doors as opposed to Aluminium or PVC plastic.

I say this because they are made from a renewable resource. Wood is the warmest material available for any home and can be customised to your liking and your taste. It can be painted or stained in any colour you like and then repainted to suit changes to your interior designs whenever you want. It is also the most energy efficient and offers high security to keep your family safe. Financially, it certainly adds the most value to any property; and the list goes on. Timber is timeless and warm, unlike anything else.


Nothing else can come close to offer you the warmth, durability, flexibility, energy efficiency or sheer class that high quality timber windows and doors always give. 

Can PVC or Aluminium be this beautiful?

Wooden windows can be made to match anything such as this front door with a beautiful stained glass feature

Wooden windows and doors are bespoke

Timber is so bespoke that everyone can have a design they like or anything to match anything that was ever made before. PVC and Aluminium windows all come with fixed profiles and are only cut and joined together by machinery and are all mass produced and are not customisable.


Bespoke wooden windows are touched, crafted, worked on, painted, sanded and hand made every step of the way – to your design and to your taste, for your home.

Nothing adds value like real timber windows and doors

Some things add value to a home or property. Some things do not.

uPVC is not bespoke; you can not choose your profiling or thicknesses or personal customisations. It is mass produced for the masses. Many argue it needs less maintenance, but I would argue that customers prefer to make a long-term investment into their homes and not have something that out dates itself; or looks older than your house; in maybe 10 years’ time.  Many timber windows fitted over 60 years ago are still in use today. How long does PVC stay there before it is replaced?

Aluminium is strong and durable and will last a long time, but is it warm? Is it homely?

The choice is yours.

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