Blogs Advice about Wooden Doors Are timber windows all the same? Are cars all the same?

Are timber windows all the same? Are cars all the same?

Let’s face it, the UK has loads of companies who all offer timber windows and perhaps all appear to offer the same thing, I mean, a window is a window right?

Are cars all the same? No, let’s analyse this for a moment. When comparing a car for example, you might think of a Porsche vs a Fiat or a BMW vs Hyundai. Some cars are made with the cheapest possible materials and components and are sourced at the cheapest possible price. Do these parts perform very well or last very long? A Porsche for example is made with the latest, strongest, fastest and most expensive components and performs far superior to most other cars.

Wooden Windows and Doors are not the same. They are also made in many different ways and every manufacturer buys various materials with various motives in mind. Most focus on economy, cost savings and maximum profit.

Quality should always comes before economy!

We at ATW, have tried and tested every possible material, component and process used in our industry around the world; and as perfectionists, we only settle for the best available. We know that buying quality materials is essential to making a world class product. When we construct your bespoke wooden windows and doors, be assured they are made with the highest-grade timber, 4 layers of durable wood protection with an additional end grain & joint sealer; and fittings that aren’t only the best in their class; they are already tested, proven and certified.  We also recommend using parts made from 316 Grade Stainless Steel, especially for external applications like front doors.


If I would not use it my house then it does not get used in my production.  All products we make for you are highly engineered and pre acclimatised for their purpose; to eliminate the possibility of warping, bending or defecting in any way.

Quality always comes before economy.

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