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Go green with our environmentally friendly timber windows and wooden doors.

Looking for the best Windows and Doors installer in Alton?

Would you like to have, or do you need new windows and doors in Alton? Installing them can be a hassle-free experience with the assistance of Authentic Timber Windows.

Our pride is also in helping customers by recommending skilled window fitters who can expertly install and fit the windows or doors of your choice, in your property. We improve and add value to homes with our world class wooden doors and windows.

As professionals, we possess a comprehensive knowledge of various types of windows and doors, allowing us to help you find flawless installation services for any style you desire. If you are searching for a reputable and established team in Alton, you have come to the right place. ATW can connect you with local installers near you.

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A set of timber french doors with sash windows to the sides.
Our French doors with double Sash windows installed around Alton, England.
Casement timber window - dormer window.
Dormer or Loft Casement wooden windows fitted by recommended installers in Alton,
Certified window and door fitters in alton, england.
Certass wooden doors installer in alton.
Checkatrade installers for alton, england.
Certass trade timber windows installer in alton, uk.

Tell us your ideas and our Approved Doors and Windows Installer in Alton can make them happen.

Wooden back door with georgian bars in alton, england.
An economical solution to a bifold door, here we have a back door with attached side windows in the same frame for maximum sun light.
Our wooden windows with a french door used on a lean-to extension or conservatory, again adding value to homes in alton, england.
Our wooden windows with a French door used on a lean-to extension, again adding value to homes in Alton, England.
Flush casement wooden windows, with out dummy sashes in the centres.
Flush Casement wooden windows.

Where to get the best windows and doors in Alton?

Just fill in the quick form above and the right team will get to you to organise a free consultation.

When it comes to installing or fitting windows and doors in Alton, we have the solution. Authentic Timber Windows boasts a team of highly qualified and experienced window fitters and installers from our UK network – and we have a great team near you. We are dedicated to finding optimal solutions to add value in combination with the right window installation team.

Why use our wooden windows and doors in your home in Alton?


When it comes to investing wisely in your home, you want durability. No other material beats wooden windows and doors, whether you need them for an office, home, restaurant, or any other property. Undoubtedly, our wooden doors and windows will retain their grace and security features for many decades, making them a reliable and long-lasting choice. No one wants to change or replace the doors & windows again and again. Thus, we suggest that you consider investing into your preferred wooden doors and windows for your property – ones that last a very long time. With 4 coats of our superior wood protection, durability and minimal maintenance is ensured.

Long lasting Elegance

The elegance and charm of your home can be greatly enhanced by your choice of windows and doors. Opting for wooden windows and doors is a wise decision. They will add a significant level of class and grace to your property and will capture the attention of your visitors and neighbours alike.


This is something that distinguishes the wooden windows and doors installer in Alton from other types of windows and doors. Outdoor noise can disrupt your peace and comfort. Improving acoustic properties is why wooden doors and windows are often recommended; to create a soundproof environment in your home or office. Such an addition can greatly enhance the comfort and tranquillity of your life by effectively eliminating or at least reducing the amount of external noise pollution from trespassing inside your home.

Properly protected wood requires less maintenance than most people think

Undoubtedly, investing in timber windows and doors is the best decision you can make for your property, as they require minimal maintenance over the years. Once you have them installed, all you need to do is clean them and make sure no cracks or damages appear that could allow the weather to get into the wood. So long as the coating is maintained you do not need to worry about the wood. If the coating is damaged you simply touch it up with the recommended paint.


When it comes to selecting windows and doors for your property, everyone desires a personalised touch. The beauty of opting for wooden doors and windows is that you can tailor the finishing, style, and overall design to your liking. Let us help you improve and add value to your home.

Why Authentic Timber Windows?

Selecting the appropriate product manufacturer is first and foremost. Our products have already been tried and tested, since 2006. With our prime selection of premium timber windows and doors and qualified installers in Alton, Authentic Timber Windows has become a leading brand of door and window manufacturers in the UK. 

Our objective is to deliver the highest quality windows and doors, as we have since 2006 for homes and properties throughout the UK; adding value, warmth and class.

Choosing the right installers for our windows and doors is just as crucial, as inexperienced installers can destroy any world class product.

Authentic Timber Windows is dedicated to assisting you in enjoying our superior quality windows and doors with the help of our recommended installers. Additionally, our exceptional team of wooden window and door installers in Alton can meet your every need and desire; and they are locals servicing locals.

We are sure to offer the classiest and most cost effective solutions for your property. Your success and happiness is our success.


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As always, we are here to help and advise our customers to make sure every project is a success – so please do Contact us for help.

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