Why Choose Us?

We invest a lot of research, time and money into quality focussed processes and high end materials and parts to ensure the best result possible is achieved; as if every product was being made for our own house.  

We do not focus on how quickly and easily we can finish our products as most competitors do, we spend the extra time getting every detail right.

Our Advantages:
  • efficient service – most quotes are returned to you in 24 hours
  • from the quality of wood we use (without knots)
  • the precision and accuracy of our joinery to prevent the use of fillers/putty
  • superior engineering process to eliminate warping or bending
  • 3 star high security cylinders used on every door possible – no one has broken in through our doors
  • high security door parts (Winkhaus hook bolt locking systems) used to keep you safe,
  • superior glazing process with Butyl tape and silicone to prevent leaks,
  • every component used is for maximum energy efficiency possible
  • factory spray finished – 4 coats of paint to protect your investment for as long as possible
  • our over-the-top packaging ensures our products arrive in pristine condition
  • Our attention to detail ensures you get what you asked for and to prevent misunderstandings we will send you technical CAD drawings.
  • We provide you with old fashioned honest service by the same people from start to finish so you don’t get fobbed off from department to department.
  • We have grown significantly since we started operating independently in 2006. Considering this was the start of a financial crisis our growth through this period, is a very good indicator about the quality of our products, our service to our customers and of course the fact that we are good value for money. We are proud of our growth in this time; and without salesmen!
  • Also, we are relatively small and we want to stay this way, too many people cause too many problems and unnecessary complications, with ATW, you deal with the same people from start to finish, not numerous different departments. This allows us to give you quick and efficient service.
  • In house designers – to advise and help with design improvements of products and customers projects. We are here to help advise so you succeed with your projects.
  • We are genuine and honest people with your interests at heart and we know that if you succeed then we also succeed.