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Timber Sash Windows

Our timber sash windows, or sliding windows, include many hard to notice small and subtle details;

to ensure maximum durability and to prevent rotting cills, rattling and many other common issues.

Usually suited to older buildings where there is enough room internally to hide the box from the outside, behind the external brickwork.  This sytem has proven to be successful for over 100 years.

Usually for more modern buidings where your brick work is the same inside and outside.  This spring system is perfect for you.

Again for more modern buildings, Tilting Sash windows are usually used at higher levels as the Tilt In feature allows easier cleaning.

The Ultimate Fire Escape & Easy Clean solution – The Sashment is a Spring Balanced Sash Window fitted inside a Casement Frame.  The whole Sash window can open from the inside, as a casement does.

With in our range of wooden sash windows, you will certainly find a solution to every problem for every property.  Our variety gives you a choice of different systems, depending on the buildings brickwork, your personal preferences, the level at which the window is situated, any building regulation requirements, fire escape requirements (for bed rooms) and even listed building requirements – we have a solution for everything and anything to do with sash windows.  If you don’t know which product will be suitable for you, just give us a call, tell us the situation and we will advise as best as we can, to make every project a success.

Please browse through our range above and see which type of window might be best for you property? If you are looking for much more cost effective alternative to the genuine sash windows above, we suggest perhaps the Mock Sash Window.

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