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Mock Sash Windows

Our mock sash windows, also known as fake sash windows; are actually casement windows designed to replicate the traditional appearance of sash windows, as they also include an external horn. The main advantage is cost effectiveness.

- fake sash windows with external horns

Additional information on this Window System:

  • 66mm frame, double gasket, opens out
  • the bottom half is fixed with glass to the frame and the top is like a top hung opener, opening outwards
  • it is basically a storm casement window design with decorative horns.
  • the top opener overlaps the frame on the outside and is sealed with another gasket giving you a double gasket system; meaning more insulation, more windproof and more secure
  • available only with Friction Stay Hinges (Optional for Safety we can offer Restricted opening hinges)
  • high security multi-point window locks with Night ventilation locking for safety
  • lambs Tongue is our standard Horn Design (more designs available as you can see below in technical drawings)
  • externally glazed as standard but we can do internal glazing if preferred for this system
  •  u-value = 1.4 W/m2K (Measured on Redwood items)
  • if you would prefer the real thing, please click here to see the Traditional Sash Windows we can offer.
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