Timber types

FACT :  Softwood is approximately 30% more energy efficient than Hardwood

FACT : Softwood is nearly 25% more energy efficient than PVC

FACT : Softwood is more than 1000% more energy efficient than Aluminium

 – Source “Thermal Conductivities of materials”

Click Here to download PDF  –  Thermal conductivities of materials EN ISO

Bearing in mind that timber is a natural, non-consistent material, working it to perfection is always a much more demanding and challenging job than metal and PVC. We are experts at this.

We offer several types of timber depending on your needs, preference and budget.


European Redwood timber offers durability and stability. Since it has the reduced moisture absorption it helps enhance weather proofing and also has a prolonged lifespan. It’s characterized with a loose attractive grain.



  • Sapele (Entandrophragma cylindricum) or Dark Red Meranti (Shorea pauciflora). Sapele is a very stable, strong and durable timber, characterized by dense grain and dark red colour. If you require hardwood windows painted in a RAL or White finish, then we definitely recommend Sapele/Meranti timber. It also has a very prestigious appearance when finished in Stain.

Best for the Internal side of windows or doors, for maximum beauty, Oak is the ideal choice if you’re having a Stained finish and would like something extra special inside. It is an incredibly durable and strong timber, characterized by beautiful wood grain effects.

We do not recommend painting Oak white as Oak has a strong natural tannin which can discolour a light surface.