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Single Doors

Our Single Doors also come with superior security so no one ever breaks in. These single wooden doors can be similar to Entrance doors; but usually a little more simple and are suitable for back doors or side doors.


Security for your family:

  • we offer 3 different High Security German made locking systems:

                1. Winkhaus Auto Lock High Security – Secured by Design.

                2. Winkhaus Lever Lever High Security – SBD

                3. Winkhaus Lever Pad Split Spindle High Security.

  • all of the above systems come with 3 star high security cylinders
  • or should prefer the older style we can do the Yale nightlatch locking system for you.

Technical advantages and options we recommend:

  • for French doors and single doors we have two options of cill types:  choose from either a timber cill with an aluminium top for drainage channels or a low aluminium threshold suitable for disabled access.  We always highly recommend the low aluminium threshold cill as it is a much lower step so you are less likely to trip over it and it is also more durable and wear resistant. Obviously this is also useful for disabled access. Here you can see both options, drawing 1 is with timber and drawing 2 is what we recommend, without timber. Dimensions are available in our technical drawings below.
  • here you can see a brochure of the special adjustable hinges we use 3D adjustable butt hinges.  
  • and here you can down load an instructional guide for seasonal adjustment, should it be needed.
  • to ensure no warping, we use highly engineered solid timber only
  • u-value = 1.4 to 1.6 W/m2K (measured on redwood items).
  • CE Marked EN 14531-1 2006+A1:2010
  • we can offer either external or internal glazing.
  • fully weather sealed.
  • timber panels are insulated with special materials sandwiched in the centre for maximum energy efficiency.
  • laminated safety glass for the same price as toughened glass, for better sound insulation, when available.

Aesthetics and more options:

  • wide variety of accessories in your choice of colour, handles, letter plates and numbers etc.
  • arched or swept heads, arched frames or bars.
  • astragal georgian bars at 22mm (made to look like separate glass units)
  • trickle vents in any size to suit building regulations Part F, acoustic vents also available.
  • custom architraves.
  • house numbers, stained glass or cat flaps are all available on request.
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