Supply Only

Designers, Architects, Installers and Builders

Please Email your Projects to us for the most competitive like-to-like quotation. We can also provide registered Installers with Sales leads from our marketing campaigns when customers are situated in your area.

Step 1

Email us your rough drawings or plans for an initial quote so we can win the job. (please inc all dimensions and specifications required, the nicer your paperwork the quicker we return our quote)

Step 2

Once our quote is approved, get your Surveyor to DOWNLOAD Survey Forms” from this link, fill these out with ALL required details as YOU want it manufactured. (if he needs help call us)


If it is a simple job, the surveyor can make changes on the quote and return that to us.

Step 3

Email these forms to us to agree details and amend the price if details have changed. We will Confirm our understanding of your order with an ”Order Confirmation” and technical drawings if required.

Step 4

Check this “Order Confirmation” carefully and once you agree to all details, sign it off and return it to us.  Pay the required deposit; and we start working for you.

Home Owners

We always recommend that the same person or company who Surveys and Orders, should also Install and Finish your project for you, to ensure no break downs in communication and/or errors in details or dimensions.

We are happy to help as much as we can over the phone to ensure your project is another successful one, so please do contact us for advice or to check any detail with us directly.

Step 1

Find yourself a good Surveyor/Joiner/Timber Window Fitter who can Survey, Order and Install your Windows and Doors the way YOU would like them. (or ask us to recommend one for you)

Step 2

Get your Person to Survey Forms from this link, fill out these forms with ALL required details as YOU want it manufactured

(we suggest you check over our order confirmation very carefully to make sure it is as you want it, not just as your Fitter wants it!).

Step 3

Email your Survey forms to us to agree details and price it for you.  We will Confirm your order at this point once all agreed. Sign off our “Order Confirmation” and pay the required deposit so we can start working for you.