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Since 2006, we have helped thousands of customers around England and Wales add value to their homes with our superb range of products and our excellent recommendations for local installers, so you can work with local people.

Authentic Timber Windows offers you a direct connection to a local installer whom we have done many wuccessful projects with for many, many years. We know he is good and have no hesitation in recommending our customers to him. So for traditional sash windows to fancy bespoke front doors to economical casements, we will find a solution for you.

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Elegant white french doors with decorative arch detailing and brass handles by atw.
Decorative and Bespoke timber French doors. Another quality installation.
A flush casement wooden window on butt hinges, installed in southampton.
A flush casement wooden window on Butt hinges, installed in Southampton.
Southampton checkatrade window installers.
Certified window and door fitters southampton
Checkatrade wooden window installers winchester
Certass wooden doors installer in southampton
Quality assured warranty for home owners in southampton.
Certass trade timber windows installer in southampton

Whether you know what you want or not, our approved fitter in Southampton will help you find a solution

Wooden windows installed in southampton by authentic timber windows ltd
Beautiful Flush casement wooden windows.
High security front door with bulls eye glass, installed by professionals in southampton.
Lovely front door with bulls eye glass in Southampton

Why Choose Sash Windows for your home in Southampton?

Sash windows are a classic window style that has been used in homes for centuries. They consist of two moveable openers that slide up and down vertically to open and close; and are housed with in a wooden frame. Sash windows are a great choice for homeowners who want to maintain or gain a traditional look for their homes while also enjoying the benefits of our modern technology which is discreetly incorporated into all of our windows and doors.

One of the benefits of our sash windows is their energy efficiency.

Details, details, details - why are we different?

Double glazed glass differences

Our timber windows and doors are designed in such a way that helps to reduce heat loss and lower energy bills with our exceptional double glazing. This also helps with noise reduction and can improve the overall comfort and peace and quiet inside your home or office. People who are tired of noise pollution should certainly benefit from our sash windows fitted in to their homes. The way in which we fit the double glazing into our windows and doors is unique, as we bed and surround the glass with butyl for maximum weatherproofing, durability and maximum security and then to top it off we double seal it with an appropriate coloured silicone. If the glass is ever broken, fitters hate it because it takes them hours to replace one piece of glass! We think your security and safety is more important.

All of our methods are designed to allow a little seasonal movement as we fully undestand and are always one step ahead, knowing that timber is natural and does move slightly from season to season. Other methods such as double sided tape and rubber type gaskets around the glass simply do not last the test of time.

Wooden construction differences

The construction of our wood is also different to most manufacturers. Engineering wood is good. This is the process of joining lots of small pieces of wood together with glue (and it should be a high grade Din4 Glue as we use, that is stronger than the wood itself) with the aim of of minimising the possibility of the wood bending or bowing. Many manufacturers glue lots of small pieces of wood together using “finger joints” which are visible on the faces of the wood. The problem is that wood does move and if this is done from front to back, after some time you can see the finger joints! Which leaves a very undesirable result after just a few months.

In our factory, we heavily engineer the centres only and sandwich those into whole lentghs of wood (maintaining a consistent grain as well) so we achieve both benefits and avoid problems of visible joints later down the road.


We excel at being subtly different. We think ahead and have designed our product range accordingly. That’s why our products are considered long term investments, as they are durable by design.

Southampton is on the Coast - this matters!

The location of your home is important when purchasing products which should be protecting your home and you, of course, from the weather and from premature aging and/or damages.  No matter if you are in Southampton or central England, we always recommend paying that little extra for fittings that are rust resistant or rust proof, such as our parts which can be made from 304 grade stainless steel. Another alternative is a special high tech coating like our TriCoat on our window locks. TriCoat locks, which will never rust, are standard on our range of casement windows. Doors, especially on the coast, should have 304 stainless parts, aluminium cills and always a high security 3 star cylinder to prevent unwanted guests (burglars). Most of these high end parts are standard on our range of products, but please do check specifics when ordering, to be sure we have included this for you.

Why is Authentic Timber Windows the best choice in Southampton?

At Authentic Timber Windows, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service and quality. We have years of experience in the industry and have built a reputation for excellence. Our team of experts will work closely to ensure that your windows and doors are perfect for your home.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and customer service, so you can be confident that you are in good hands.

But please don’t take our word for it, do some research, check reviews, meet our recommended installers; and then decide for yourself. Your satisfaction in 10 years time is our success.

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