How to restore and maintain Wooden windows?

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That is one of the beautiful things about wood, it can be restored after decades of use and abuse. 

You want to change the colour? No problem

You want to make them safer? No problem

Timber can be restored or repaired in many ways depending on the issue or situation at hand.

If you have old windows with a rotten area that you want to repair, we could recommend “Repair Care”. Available from places like Amazon or eBay. Don’t forget though, you will need a special 2 component application gun as this product is a 2-component product.  It is like a filler which replaces the rotten area once removed.

To maintain good quality wooden windows and doors, you should do 2 things:

  1. regularly check the outsides of them to make sure the wood has not moved and caused any cracks in the protective painted surfaces. Problems only get serious if these cracks, which are rare, are not repaired quickly.
  2. Clean them every few months, with paint friendly soft detergent (like heavily diluted fairy liquid), to prevent the pollution and dirt from eating away at the painted surfaces.
  3. DO NOT use a high-pressure spray to clean any timber products. It will destroy them and void your guarantee.

The most common problem with timber products is that Manufacturers do not treat the wood properly when making them.  Using and “end grain sealer” is of paramount importance to prevent the lousy UK weather forcing moisture into the most vulnerable areas of timber, which is the end grains and joints. They act like a sponge and if not sealed properly, they will absorb water from the rain and humidity from the air; and they will swell and start to rot and fall apart quite quickly.

On top of this the quality of the impregnation, primer and topcoat is critical for durability.

Unfortunately for you, the customer, many companies do not care about these aspects as they are more concerned with making maximum profit today than they are about your windows in 30 years’ time. Integrity?

We are not one of those “other” companies.  And we do not spare ANY expense to make the best possible product for you.  Unfortunately for us, you probably will not realise this for many, many years but the trained eye, when comparing our product side by side with another, will see the differences immediately.

If I had a property with severely damaged timber windows, I would buy new ones for several reasons:

 New ones offer far superior:

  1. Energy efficiency due to scientific and technical advantages of modern glazing options,
  2. Laminated glass, excellent for sound and safety
  3. Double glazing that can look like single glazing at only 14mm thick with krypton gas inside or
  4. Standard Double glazing at 24mm thick with argon gas.
  5. Better security options
  6. Much better draught proofing so no more stiffness, rattles, or wind whistles.

For specific advice please go to our maintenance link:

Optional brush painted finish
Windows can be brush painted or spray painted – the choice is yours.

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