Glass is one of the biggest factors in energy savings these days and our glass surpasses all UK requirements and standards. Our 24mm Double Glazed Argon Filled Guardian Glass has been tested and passed BSI testing.

The most optimal, energy efficient & cost effective Double Glazing is 24mm overall – made up with 4mm LowE Softcoat Inner pane – 16mm argon gas filled air gap with Warm Edge Spacers – and 4mm Float glass to Outer pane. This gives the glass unit a u-value rating of 1.0 to 1.1 wm²k.

This “Climaguard Premium” system is made by “Guardian Glass” and it is used as standard on most of our products. Our safety glass comes stamped to show you it is Safety Glass.

The Warm Edge Spacer system we use is either SuperSpacer or SwissSpacer. These Warm Edge Spacer systems come in two options of colour, Black or White. We always recommend the Black spacer bar as it looks neater and sharper, even if the windows/doors are white.Some manufacturers will use and offer you 20mm Double Glazing etc which does look slimmer, but, be aware that the energy efficiency deteriorates significantly if the glass unit is any slimmer than 24mm and filled with argon gas.

Click here to download Guardian Climaguard Premium Specification Sheet pdf.


Superior glazing methods

As a result of our commitment to quality and durability, the method in which we glaze is also superior to most and is much better than quick and cheap glazing tapes that many companies use.
Also be aware that most dry glazing gasket systems do shrink and rot, leaving you with leaks and problems.

Our method, approved by the Glass & Glazing Federation, is a tried and tested method over many decades, which combines the use of butyl AND silicone which ensures 2 superior seals around your glass to be very sure there are no leaks or problems.

We practice the most expensive and time consuming method to leave you not only with technical superiority, but also the sharpest and most attractive looking finish for results that last much longer than our guarantee.

We have had no reports of any faults, leaks or problems from our glazing method.

We can supply most glass for most jobs

  • Clear
  • Laminated
  • Acoustic
  • Diamond Lead / Square Lead
  • Coloured Lead designs of your choice
  • Obscured / Sandblasted glass