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E-mail us your photos using the above form, rough drawings or plans for an initial quote (please include all dimensions and specifications required; the nicer your paperwork the quicker your quote can be returned).

In the unlikely scenario, you find a better price, please bare in mind we are world class manufacturers who focus on quality and service, not making cheap rubbish that will cause endless problems for you. Timber Windows and Doors are an important investment.

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Download our Survey Forms for which product you want underneath, fill these out with ALL required details as YOU want it manufactured.  Call us if you need any help.

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Email these forms to us to agree details and to confirm the price. We will Confirm our understanding of your order with an ”Order Confirmation” and technical drawings (if required) to double check and sign off.

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Check this “Order Confirmation” carefully and once you agree to all the details, sign it and return it to us.  Pay the required deposit; and we can start working on your project.

Once you are scheduled into our system we will give you a safe delivery date so you can plan your project safely. We will deliver it to your requested address.

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