Are timber windows all the same? Are cars all the same?

Let’s face it, the UK has loads of companies which all appear to offer the same thing, I mean, a window is a window right?

No, let’s analyse, when comparing a car for example, you might think of a Fiat or a Porsche.  Some cars are made with the cheapest possible materials at the cheapest possible price and do not perform very well or last very long. A Porsche for example is made with the latest, fastest, most expensive components and performs far superior to most other cars.

Wooden Windows and Doors are the same as the latter. We have tried and tested every possible material, components and processes used in our industry around the world; and as a perfectionist, I only settle for the best available.  When we construct your bespoke wooden windows and doors, be assured they are made with the highest-grade timber, 4 layers of durable wood protection; and furniture that’s isn’t only best in any class, its already tested, proven and certified; and used in my own house.  All products we make for you are engineered; and, pre acclimatised for their purpose to eliminate the possibility of any warping and bending.

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