All about Timber French Doors: a useful guide…

Timber French doors, or simply known as Double Doors, can be a very useful type of door for many reasons and they have many benefits. Read on to get my best expert tips so you can choose the best French door.

Apart from the warm feelings timber gives us, a French door is a good and economical choice as a large door if you don’t want to invest into Sliding Doors or Bi-Folding doors, which are much more expensive as they are more complicated to make and the fittings for those systems cost much more.

Visually, French doors can be used as a large door from your house to your garden; and if you want more light than a normal fully glazed French door can give you, then you can have it made with “side lights”, which are simply tall windows attached and manufactured with in the same frame, usually one added to each side of the door to give you much more glass and light.

Practically, French doors are very useful for rooms which you may need to move large furniture in or out, so they are not only useful for visual reasons, but they are practical as well.

Also with French Doors you have the choice of whether they open inwards or outwards, giving you more options as to what space you do or do not want to use.

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above image: French Doors with Sidelights

My expert tips on how to choose the best possible French Door:


  1. You want a 3-star euro cylinder for maximum security. They are anti-pick, anti-snap, anti-bump and anti-drill. No burglars can break through using their usual tactics or tools.
  2. You want a Secure By Design locking system with HOOK bolts at the top and bottom to ensure no one can prise the doors open with shovels or crow bars.


  1. I would always recommend a Complete Aluminium Cill for 2 reasons:
  2. they are the most durable; as they do not ever rot and when walked on constantly, they will not show scratches as painted timber does. If you have a timber or partially timber cill, after it’s walked on a few times it will show wear and tear very quickly.  In 10 years’ time you will thank me for this one 😊
  3. Another huge advantage of the Aluminium Cill is the fact that they are Low Threshold cills, meaning they are much lower than timber cills, meaning there’s much less chance of tripping over the cill when going through your door.
  4. The bottoms of doors are the most vulnerable to weathering issues. But no matter how much it rains; the rain will never affect Aluminium. On the contrary, in time, it will affect painted timber which will require maintenance.

Economy in Design:

  1. If a normal sized French Door is too small, and you do not want to pay extra for a Bifold Door or a Sliding Door; you can simply add side lights to the French door. These are simply windows added onto the sides but made inside the same frame as the French Door itself.


  1. If sound is an issue you want to improve then you should always opt for Laminated Safety Glass instead of Toughened Safety Glass. Laminated glass is thicker and also has a plastic layer in its centre to increase the barrier from sound.

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