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Differences between a Sash and a Casement?

The differences between a sash and a casement? There is actually many. Sash windows and Casement windows each have their own advantages. It is basically up to you what you choose. It really depends on your style of property that the windows are intended for?

Older and more historic buildings would normally opt for Wooden Sash Windows or even better would be a Heritage Sash Window; and more modern buildings would probably go for casement windows. Each window type has many options which can cater for virtually every requirement you could ask from a window. Here are some points to highlight some of the main differences.

One more thing to watch out for when using the term “Sash”. This was always strange, even to me, but this word is used in two different ways. Some people call the “opener” of a Casement window a “sash”; or the leaf of a door they might call a “sash”.  So to some people the opening part is called a sash”!

I really do not understand why as it just becomes quite confusing.

A “Sash” to me, leaving out all the other peoples ambiguities, is the short way of saying “Sash Window” or “Vertical Sliding Window”.

The opening part of any window should be called the “opener” or perhaps for a door it could be called the “leaf” of the door.

  1. are timeless and traditional, with openers that slide up and down. (sliding and tilting options for easy cleaning are available)
  2. can come with both modern and historical features
  3. are often the only window legally accepted for Historical and Listed Buildings to maintain their true heritage appearance.
  4. when fitted with weights and pulley wheels, have been tried and tested for centuries already, so if they are made with high quality materials; durability and reliability is not in any doubt.
  5. can be made to be Fire safety exit windows (we have a special design called a Sashment Window which is for this purpose, it is a combination of a Casement and a Sash but looks like a Traditional Sash Window with springs)
So what is the difference between a sash and a casement window
Wooden Sash Windows in West London, UK.
  1. if they are side hung, it means they open similar to a door, opening sideways. If they are top hung it means they operate like a door on its side, opening up and down.
  2. have many more options of configuration, styles, and sizes, opening inwards or outwards
  3. are usually better as Fire safety exit windows (depending on dimensions, if required please check with us).
  4. casements are usually more suitable for more modern properties.
  5. are generally known to be safer than any sash window, regardless of what security certification any product has.
  6. can be easier to clean the glass outside, especially at heights and especially if your sash windows do not tilt. (our Sashment Windows are an exception to this rule)
  7. can suit more modern buildings more so than sash windows.
A mixture of casement flush windows with both modern and traditional features wooden windows manufactured by atw and installed in surrey
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